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Free report: NPP Utilization in the Future of U.S. Healthcare

An exclusive MGMA research and analysis report

Medical practices are increasingly using nonphysician providers (NPPs) as a solution to the physician shortage and the influx of new patients resulting from the Affordable Care Act. Should you consider NPPs?

Get this free report to determine whether NPPs are right for your practice. Learn about the role of NPPs, their scope of practice and the settings in which they work. Gain access to a variety of resources that provide specific, detailed information.

Read an analysis of the cost effectiveness of NPPs and how to bill for their services while complying with federal laws. And last but not least, use the included checklist to help you determine whether your practice should hire NPPs.

Looking for more recent analysis on NPPs? 
Download the MGMA 2016 research and analysis report: The Rising Trend of Nonphysician Provider Utilitization in Healthcare

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NPP Utilization in the Future of U.S. Healthcare
Free report:
NPP Utilization in the Future of U.S. Healthcare